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OK, by the looks of this picture, I had a great time at Vartech with my associate here in this picture, but Vartech was so much more than just fun.gail-vartech

Archie Manning gave an inspiring speech. Then we moved into technology:

  • Mobile is here to stay.
  • The “cloud” is becoming more a staple in the workplace. OK a hybrid cloud is (hybrid means some cloud and some on-premise).
  • Adaption of paperless solutions is starting to take place at long last. We are paperless overall for our Payables now. Love it. The new solution for document control that runs on the iPad is awesome. We can’t wait to start using it.

So much is changing and so quickly that it is hard to keep up unless you attend events such as I do to update all my followers.

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging on all the cool things I learned at Vartech that will help you and your business to compete in today’s techno world. I would love to hear your questions about mobile, cloud and paperless so email me at gail@gwabiz.com