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Well it is finally here. The end of Windows XP support from Microsoft. It is said that 211 million people still use it worldwide. While most of us have moved on, some of us are still in the dark ages. Even the bank’s ATMs are. I just read that 95% of them use Windows XP. This to me, is not good. It is time to say goodbye. What happens if you don’t stop using it? Well, immediately there are three top reasons to say goodbye:

#1 Top drawer is security. With no new security updates from Microsoft, viruses and malware will target Windows XP leaving YOU vulnerable. Windows XP users are 6 times more likely to get attacked.

#2 Other software. Software just isn’t compatible with it. So chances are when you try to upgrade to cutting edge software, you will need to say goodbye to Windows XP.

#3 Hardware compatibility. If your printer breaks down, good luck in finding one that is XP compatible.

Whatever you decide to do, you should be aware of the security risk you have. Contact GWA to discuss this further or write to me.